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Ultrasonic flowmeter chronoflo 2

Chronoflo 2.jpg


The ChronoFLO® 2 transit time flowmeter can measure instantaneous flow rates in your flow-carrying pipes. This instrument uses a fully coded signal correlation process to obtain stable measurements even under the most challenging conditions. To cover a wide range of applications in any sector, only one signal processing unit is used. This configuration is supplied with two sensors and a mounting rail that fits a wide range of diameters.

ChronoFLO 2 is used for the following applications:
• Diagnosis of drinking water and waste water networks,
• DMA (leak detection monitoring),
• Checking existing flowmeters,
• Calibration of lift pumps,
• Volume quantification


Benefits to you

  • 2 speed chord available simultaneously on 1 or 2 pipes

  • 1 month battery life (up to 2 months with an external battery)

  • Robust and waterproof ( IP67 / IP68 )

  • Measurement accuracy: Up to ± 0,5%

  • Non-intrusive flow measurement

  • Flow measured from DN 12 mm (0,039 ft.)

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