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Insertion flowmeter hydrins 2.1

Hydrins 2.1


The HydrINS® 2.1 flowmeter, developed by Hydreka, is an easily deployed and cost effective flowmeter providing highly accurate bi-directional flow measurement, for water distribution and raw water pipelines. The highly versatile unit is widely used throughout the world and available in various lengths, equally well deployed for permanent or portable applications.

HydrINS® 2.1 can be used throughout the water distribution network:
• Metering at reservoirs, treatment works
• Pumping stations, water pipes
• Zoning and DMA
• Night flow monitoring and meter testing

Benefits to you

  • Velocity measurement as low as 2 cm/s (0.066 ft/s)

  • Accuracy up to ± 2 mm/s (0.066 ft/s)

  • Ease of installation with no interruption to supply

  • Long battery life up to 10 years

  • IP 68

  • Temperature measurement included

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