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Thermostatic regulating valve for circulation pipes according to DVGW work sheets W551 and W553.
Thermal control: Recommended control range 55°C to 60°C (max. control range 40°C to 65°C). Temperature setting can be protected against unautorised tampering.

Automatic thermal disinfection. The volume of flow is increased about 6K above the set temperature and is reduced – irrespective of the set temperature – to the residual volume of flow when reaching approx. 73°C. The valve thus guarantees an optimum support of thermal disinfection in the circulation system. Drain valve for hose connection. Temperature monitoring by attaching a thermometer or temperature sensor. Presetting and isolation of the max. volume of flow irrespective of the set control temperature. All parts coming into contact with potable water are made of non-brass materials Including insulation and thermometer.

Factory settings :

Temperature setting : 57°C

Set flow value                   : 2.0
Material                                 : Bronze
Maximum Pressure     : 16 bar

Both ports female thread according to EN 10226.

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