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Pegasus+ is a sophisticated and highly versatile solution for pressure control with integral two-way mobile communications.

Pegasus+ has the capability to set target pressure by time, flow or by a combination with different table settings per day of the week.  With the addition of a critical point data logger, PressView can automatically analyse and calculate network conditions to maintain a stable pressure at the critical point to fully optimise a PRV zone.  Resulting benefits help reduce demand and leakage levels, whilst at the same time calming the network, reducing burst frequency.



Pegasus+ uses a Windows Tablet or PC based IDT app for easy set up and programming and is compatible with the HWM Online web viewer for easy and convenient access to data via the internet.

Pegasus+ transmits data through an integral modem with GPRS/2G, 4G, LTE-M (Cat-1) and other NBIoT options available.

In addition, PressView web based software provides location fleet mapping, installation photos, graphing, remote table control, alarm setting and maintenance alerting.

Individual user login fingerprints any changes made on the operation of Pegasus+, making any actions fully accountable and historically registered.



  • Intelligent pressure control: proven to minimise leakage and reduce the frequency of pipe bursts

  • Modulated control: provides great flexibility to modulate pressure according to demand throughout the day with changes being made remotely

  • Multi-point time based PRV: control without flowmeter 96 values per day, 7 days per week

  • Pressure failsafe: set by user on installation, including manual safe override on site

  • Flexible: 2G, 3G, NBIoT, Cat-M1 versions available, while additional external battery packs enable high frequency data calling

  • Latching solenoids: optional feature to fully vent the PRV top chamber in tight headloss conditions

  • Integrated low-cost telemetry: enables rapid (near real-time) monitoring and remote control as required

  • Secondary logging channel: enables one second fast logging for analysis of events along with Pseudo logging and transient captures

  • Additional logging channel: optional 4th logging channel to record top chamber PRV pressure

  • Windows Tablet or PC based app: allows easy set up and programming functionality

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