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multilog 2

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Multilog 2 is the highly advanced and versatile multi-channel data logger designed to monitor any combination of digital and analogue signals.

Multilog 2 is ideal for a wide variety of specialised applications, including monitoring PRV flow and/or pressure in a district or zone to assess demand, leakage and conformance.

Accurate, powerful and robust, Multilog 2 is an effective data logging solution.



After installation, all firmware upgrades and programming changes are made remotely.  As well as ensuring that changes are made efficiently, this is also cost-effective, as it removes the need for site visits.

Multilog 2 transmits data through an integral modem with GPRS/2G, 4G. LTE-M (Cat-1) and other NBIoT cellular options available.

An innovative feature of Multilog 2 is a secondary channel, enabling additional fast logging down to 25Hz.

Secondary logging can be triggered on time schedule and/or in response to an alarm condition being triggered.  This is invaluable when more detailed investigation is required, such as pressure spikes and ‘true’ minimum night flow.



  • Telemetry: NBIoT LTE-based cellular communication standard with fallback 2G capability

  • Serial input option: for connection to digital meters, SonicSens level sensor, Modbus, SDI12, RS232, Badger/Sensus/Neptune serial meter interfaces

  • 4 channel logging: 8 or 16 channels available on request

  • Fast logging: primary logging to 1 second as standard – 25hz for transient events

  • Alarm: full alarm functionality

  • Robust: rugged die cast aluminium case

  • True readings: true max and min flow and investigation of pressure spikes

  • Pulse interval timing: smooths reading set times of infrequent pulses

  • External antennas: support improved signal strength (contact HWM for more information)

  • Local data download: 10 pin military plug connected to laptop or desktop PC

  • Fully waterproof: the IP68 rating has been tested at 10m depth over a 24 hour period

  • Optional outputs: replicate inputs or trigger on alarm, allows operation of third party sensors, e.g. water samplers

  • Long-term monitoring: 5 years battery life

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