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water meter sensus meistream


MeiStreamRF is an industrial meter with electronic register for:

  • Measurement for billing of cold potable water up to 50 °C

  • Measurement of medium and high flow rates

  • Measurement of low flow (e.g., in light load period)

  • Leakage control

  • Integration into Smart Water Networks

  • Sizes from DN 40 up to DN 300

The MeiStreamRF has Sensus RF integrated technology, providing the advantages of both unidirectional and bidirectional communication. Sensus RF is the optimized radio system for battery-powered endpoints. Scalable for mobile and remote reading without exchange of components, it is available in 868 MHz and 433 MHz.

Benefits to you

  • Fitted with register with integrated radio communication for remote readout

  • Fitted with register with integrated data logger

  • Features a unique measuring range; Q3/Q1 ≥ 100

  • Provides high overload capability

  • No straight inlet length necessary (U0D0 acc. to OIML R49 and EN 14154)

  • Meter can be submerged; protection class IP68

  • Resists temperatures up to 70 °C

  • Offers an alarm function at several meter or network conditions

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