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multilog lx 2


Multilog LX2 is the highly versatile, battery powered telemetry data logger incorporating a convenient serial input that supports compatibility with a wide variety of sensors and meters, including Modbus.

A powerful fast logging solution, Multilog LX2 delivers effective data recording and efficient transmission.



Designed to fit inside very shallow Atplas box installations, the logger is ideal for many applications, including monitoring flow and/or pressure in a district or zone to assess demand, leakage and pressure conformance.

Multilog LX2 transmits data though an integral modem with GPRS/2G, 4G, LTE-M (Cat-1) and other NBIoT cellular options available.

The logger utilises the latest advances in cellular telemetry technology to provide rapid transmission, enabling data to be retrieved more frequently for analysis and response.

Additional power can be delivered to Multilog LX2 via connectivity to external battery packs or mains power.



  • Pulse interval timing: smooths reading set times of infrequent pulses e.g. minimum night flow

  • Versatile logging: up to 2x digital flow inputs and 1x analogue input (internal pressure, external pressure or 4-20mA)

  • Telemetry: NBIoT LTE-based cellular communication standard with fallback 2G capability

  • Flexible: up to 25Hz and window logging (in request)

  • Fast logging: logging to 1 second – as standard

  • Multiple recordings: can record mixture of minimum, maximum, average or spot values in each sample interval

  • Detailed readings: true max and min flow and investigation of pressure spikes through Pseudo logging

  • Serial input: for connection to digital meters, SonicSens level sensor, Permalog+ leak noise logger and Modbus sensors

  • Lont-term monitoring: 5 year battery life (depending on settings and signal strength)

  • External antennas: support improved signal strength (contact HWM for more information)

  • Fully waterproof: the IP68 rating has been tested at 10m depth over a 24 hour period

  • Alarms: real-time alarms can be enabled for immediate response to network incidents

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