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electromagnetic iperl


iPERL® (International) are next-generation, high-performance, solid-state smart water meters with integrated bi-directional communications capability. iPERL meters use a unique technology that provides unrivalled, sustained accuracy over their expected 15-year operational life.

With a low-flow measurement of 1 litre per hour, iPERL helps utilities to reduce non-revenue water. They can be programmed to provide highly granular data at 15-minute intervals, which improves accuracy in identifying customer-side leaks. The wealth of data also helps water utilities to manage distribution networks more efficiently, to conserve water, to provide accurate billing to customers and to inform them about leaks, fraud or unusual usage patterns.

Benefits to you

  • Improves operational efficiency and customer service

  • Reduces non-revenue water, measuring flow rates as low as 1 litre per hour

  • Helps reduce maintenance and cost

  • Installs horizontally, vertically or diagonally

  • Prevents free water removal and tampering attempts

  • Detects system leaks

  • Allows remote monitoring and diagnosis

  • Collects and logs consumption data

  • Helps to preserve energy and to optimize power

  • Provides seamless, scalable bi-directional communications for technology migration from Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

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