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DXmic is the latest generation digital ground microphone developed to precisely localise the position of a leak.

Delivering the highest quality sound, DXmic incorporates a wide variety of features to help pinpoint a leak position, including auto filtering and frequency display.

DXmic Pro goes further, supporting the recording of leak noise, including the ability to replay recordings, and is also compatible with the DXmic App.



The DXmic includes a variety of filter functions designed to remove interference and eliminate unwanted frequencies. These filter functions include pre-set configurations for both metal and plastic pipes.

For operator safety, DXmic includes a Safety Noise Level cut-off feature. This automatically mutes the device should the noise being detected reach an unsafe volume.

The 5” LCD colour touch screen is resistive, meaning the operator can still interact with the screen while wearing gloves.



  • Excellent audio: high quality digital sound

  • Resistive colour touch screen: clear multifunctional graphics for ease of use; can be used with gloves

  • Durable: robust housing with carry strap fittings

  • Wireless capability: compatible with most wireless headphones

  • Frequency display: for each analysis and filter setting

  • Auto filter function: sets filters around peak noise

  • Flexible: automatic and manual filters

  • Clear upgrade path: compatible with Xmic foot and handprobe sensor

  • USB capability: for data transfer and firmware updates

  • Long-life, rechargeable batteries: Li-ion cells with up to 25 hours battery life

  • Safety Noise Level cut-off: ensures user is protected should probes be dropped or mishandled

  • Minimum noise level display: for effective pinpointing of leak noise



  • Improved automatic filtering: supported by frequency analysis display

  • DXmic Pro App compatible: download results to DXmic Pro App and replay leak noise recordings

  • Increased memory: larger capacity to store leak noise recordings

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