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process analytics

Smartpat PH 8320.png

PH Sensor

Potentiometric pH sensor for water and wastewater applications
- 2-wire loop powered, 4…20 mA/HART® 7, for direct connection to a PCS
- Process connection: PG13.5
- Range 0 pH - 14 pH
- Temperature Max. +70°C / +158°F
- Glass sensor with PTFE diaphragm and Pt1000 for temperature compensation

Product Highlights

  • No external transmitter needed

  • Offline calibration under controlled conditions: Cost savings due to less operator time on-site and longer sensor lifetime

  • Double junction for extended lifetime and wide application range

  • With integrated temperature sensor and standard VP2 connector

  • Free of charge PACTware™ FDT/DTM for easy handling of offline and online configuration

  • Direct connection via standardized fieldbus (HART® 7)

  • Various mounting assemblies for easy installation and reliable handling

  • IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, FM (zone 0)

Typical Applications

  • Water and wastewater industry

  • Control of biology in wastewater

  • Monitoring of neutralisation processes in municipal wastewater treatment

  • Monitoring of surface and wastewater

  • Dosage of flocculation agents

  • Process control

Optisys Turbidity 1060.png


Optical turbidity measuring system for potable water applications
- 4-wire, 4…20 mA, 2 alarm relays or Modbus via RS485; built-in data logger
For online bypass installation
- 0…100/1000 NTU/FNU; max. +50°C / +122°F
- 90° scattered infrared light (ISO 7027) or white light (US EPA 180.1)

Product Highlights

  • Rapid response time due to small measurement volume

  • Improved usability due to easy-to-operate keypad

  • Data logging with user-selectable interval (1…60 min) for storage of 1 year’s readings and calibration data

  • USB interface for easy data exchange

  • Simple cuvette calibration with reusable liquid calibration standards

  • Integrated shut-off valve for maintenance work

  • Optimal back pressure setting to avoid gas bubbles through integrated outlet valve

  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning to prevent deposits

Typical Applications

  • Water and Water industry

  • Monitoring of potable water quality in pumping stations

  • Filter monitoring

  • Process control of water treatment

  • Monitoring of limit values

  • Demineralisation

  • Monitoring of water quality prior to network supply

Optisys Chlorine 1100.png


Potentiostatic amperometric disinfectant measuring system for water and wastewater
- Completely mounted with MAC 100 analytical transmitter (Output: 3 x 4…20 mA)
- Pre-installed and tested; for bypass lines
- Cl2: 0.03 mg/l - 20 mg/l   
ClO2: 0.05 mg/l - 5 mg/l    O3: 0.05 mg/l - 5 mg/l

- Temperature  Max. +50°C / +122°F
- With chlorine sensor, valves, flow-through holders, optional pH sensor

Product Highlights

  • All-in-one measuring solution for a wide application range

  • Combination of a membrane-free sensor for Cl2, ClO2 and O3 with 2 gold electrodes, an optional pH sensor and an analytical transmitter

  • With flow-through cells incl. temperature sensors

  • Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR) feature

Typical Applications

  • Water and wastewater industry

  • Monitoring of potable water quality

  • Filter monitoring

  • Monitoring of contamination

  • Disinfection control

  • Process control of water treatment

  • Emergency chlorination for drinking water

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