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Waterflux ( Battery Power )

Waterflux 3000.png

Waterflux 3000 FLow Sensor


Electromagnetic flow sensor for combination with IFC 070 and IFC 300 flow converters

  • Unique rectangular sensor design

  • Connection sizes: DN25 - DN600 / 1" - 24"

  • Liner: Rilsan®



0D Technology when installed e.g. behind an elbow or reducer • Bi-directional flow measurements

• Unique rectangular sensor construction results in good low flow performance and a large turndown ratio

• Large measuring range. High accuracy at peak as well as low flows

• Compliant with requirements for custody transfer (MID MI-001, ISO4064, EN 14154)

• Standard inhouse wet calibration

• Optional verification to MID Annex MI-001 for water meters (Module B and D)

• Reference electrode. No grounding rings needed • Suitable for subsoil installation and constant flooding (IP68).

• Special subsoil coating for subsurface installation • Rilsan® polymer coating

• Drinking water approvals including ACS, DVGW, NSF, TZW and WRAS

• Long term reliability and maintenance free. No moving parts, no wear and no obstruction in the flow

• Low pressure drop and minimal pressure impact on the network

IFC 300


IFC 70

Electromagnetic flow converter for combination with WATERFLUX 3000 flow sensor

- Compact (C) and remote field housing (F), waterproof (IP68 / NEMA 4X/6P)

- Battery- or mains powered with battery backup option

- Pulse, status, Modbus

IFC 300

Electromagnetic flow converter for combination with OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX flow sensors

- Compact, remote field, wall-mounted and rack-mounted housing

- With extensive diagnostics for advanced requirements (NE 107)

- 4-wire, 3 x 4…20 mA, HART®, Modbus, FF, Profibus-PA/DP, PROFINET etc.


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